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We at St. Anne's Nursing Home welcome you to the most caring surrounding to fulfill your health needs as our very highest priorities. We keep you and your family safe and comfortable throughout all our medical treatments, channeling services, clinics and med-checkups.

With initial launch as a maternity care center handled with the dedicated service and love of nuns 60 years back, St. Anne’s Nursing Home has served the community with renowned health services and today outstanding as one of the bespoke hospitals in Western Seashore belt in Sri Lanka.

Holding the reputation as a Nursing Hospital with Homely Care, St. Anne’s Nursing Home showcases its great potential to offer the best and latest health care technologies and dedicated services for not only the local community but also the international patients, offering world class healthcare with the warm hospitality of Sri Lankan culture.


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Your Well-Being is Our
Main Priority.

St. Annes Nursing Home is a Hospital with Nursing Care which opens the doors to State of the art General Medicine Department, OPD, Operating theaters, Delivery Rooms and Pharmacy. Our Medical services go hand in hand with the latest medical world technologies, high-tech surgical theater facilities, endoscopy tests with fiber optics and regularly updating with modern day medical equipment.

We are one of the best private medical and health care service providers in the region with convenient accessibility for stationed doctors because of the neighboring medical officer's residential area. This awesomely support our health care services to offer the best for patients visiting our OPDs, in-person clinics, emergency units, maternity Centers, surgery centers for both local and international patients, to offer world class healthcare


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