With Dignity

"Love and affection
protection, health and dignity"


Now we are ready to bear your burden

During past few decades life style of society has changed remarkably. People are busy engaging in numerous activities in present society. Some are away from their home and some are living abroad In this context there is hardly any time to look after their loved ones, elderly parents or closed relatives.

Peoples get physically and mentally incapacitated due to various reasons and need tender loving care in addition to physical and mental rehabilitation. We are happy to announce you that we opened a new nursing and rehabilitation home to care your loved ones on behalf of you at a reasonable price. Our pride is to provide you love and affection, protection, health and dignity which are essential when you are old and incapacitated.

Our Services & Facilities

Your Comfortability is our expectation..

01. All main meals ( lunch with desserts ) with morning and evening tea/coffee

02. Free bed linens

03. Laundering and ironing free for 20kg

04. Single bed with private locker and stool with dorm style sharing

05. Basic Nursing Care

06. Medical care/ check up by doctor once a day and 24 hour on call

07. Counselling and physiotherapy where necessary

Our Staff

Care with dignity

Solace nursing and rehabilitation home is run by two experienced doctor couple with more than 15 years experience in government service. Lady Doctor is qualified in diploma in elderly medicine in 1st batch ever in Sri Lanka.Nursing care is provided by experienced nurses with experience in Sri Lanka and abroad as well.


Dr. Adikaram

(MBBS - Sri Lanka)

Dr Loretta

(MBBS - Sri Lanka) Elderly Care Physician , PgDEM Colombo

Mrs. Charmaine Lowe


Our Uniqueness

We take care of the rehabilitation of elders with following

01. Rehabilitation and care of stroke patients.

02. Rehabilitation and care for Arthritis patients.

03. Care of unconscious patients.

04. Rehabilitation and Care for bed bound patients.

05. Care of terminally ill patients and palliative care.

06. Care of post operative recovery period.

07. Care for progressive Neurological disorders,Namely

    a. Alzimers Disease.(Dementia)
    b. Motor neurone Disease.
    c. Parkinsons Disease.
    d. Multiple Sclerosis.

08. Home for Elders.(Long term care and short term care)

09. Home Visits.

10. OPD Treatment.

Our Mission

A home away from home...

Solace nursing and rehabilitation home is a place where physically and mentally incapacitated people as well as elderly citizens are looked after. Our pride is to provide you Love and affection,protection,health and dignity which are essential when you are old and incapacitated.

Our team lead by experienced doctor couple are trained to provide optimum care in a professional manner in a lovely homely environment with maximum required facilities.

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Come and see the facilities yourself
  • Medical Care

    Check up by doctor once a day and 24 hour on call
  • Healthy Food

    We believe in healthy, organic food, provide them as much as possible
  • Clean Environment

    They will get a clean place to stay peacefully
  • Friendly Staff

    We love helping elders, and they love us too..
  • Activities

    Hobbies and other activities help to keep them motivated

Payment Details

According to the category of residents

01. Normal elders who can look after their activities of daily living
Long term residents - Rs. 36,000/= per month.
Short term residents (less than one month) Rs. 2000/= per day

02. Residents who needs support for daily activities, nursing care and basic medical care
Long term residents - Rs. 42,000/= per month.
Short term residents (less than one month) Rs. 2500/= per day

03. Residents who completely depend on external support and nursing care and medical care
Long term residents - Rs. 50,000/= per month.
Short term residents (less than one month) Rs. 2500/= per day

Long term residents of each category needs to pay a refundable deposit ( equal to the monthly payment ) on admission for emergency requirements in addition to monthly fee. Short term residents have to pay Rs. 15,000/= refundable deposit. Rs. 1000/= will be charged as the admission fee.

Prices are liable to change annually according to inflation.

Please note that these prices are for the Sri Lankan nationals. For foreigners please inquire us by clicking here

How to find us

We are in calm and quiet residential area near Negombo General Hospital

Contact us

Solace Nursing and Rehabilitation Home,
No 40, Evelyn Mawatha,

Office : 0094 31 33 160 69 Dr Loreta : 0094 77 23 169 89 Dr Adikaram : 0094 71 44 362 95

Email :